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Born in Brooklyn and Raised in East New York, Theron Smith, Founder of the Greensboro-Based Marketing Firm Ten Twelve Media Group LLC, is a Media Veteran with close to 30 years of experience Developing, Producing and Directing for Major Media Brands such as MTV, VH1, BET, Nickelodeon and FUSE. Throughout his career, he has worked with Cinema Giants Spike Lee, Steven Spielberg, John Singleton and Hype Williams to name a few. For the past few years, With SPARK CINEMA MMT, Theron has successfully committed to bringing his experiences to Greensboro with events focused on the Cultures of Cinema and Hip Hop. Having worked with many of the leading Non-Profit Organizations and local politicians in Brooklyn, Mr Smith is forging the way for Young Artist to have a voice in their community and creating programs and events that bring a positive cultural effect for years to come!

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Greensboro is expanding Culturally at an exponentially fast rate. The positive of this growth is the diversity in Art and Lifestyles. With this change brings a unique problem. Due to the demographic shifts, the city is losing its Population of Millenials and its younger Workforce which could potentially drive our Economy. The mission of the SPARK Cinema MMT 2020 Cinema Initiative is to stimulate and inspire the diverse intergenerational communities of Greensboro Residents by Placemaking exhibition of movies in outdoor and Indoor locations, promoting Cinema Culture in a positive light and providing entertainment to the local community with a family atmosphere.

SPARK Cinema wants to engage with City Organizations in their Placemaking efforts to create stimulating Cinematic Events, using underutilized sites and structures around Greensboro. This Initiative will build the Gate City’s own unique Culture and help curate a city-wide Community of Filmmakers and Film Lovers. Our goal is to nurture a vibrant Independent Filmmaking Community.

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